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Hearing from God

posted 5 Feb 2011, 03:03 by Allan Wain

"Be still, and know that I am God."  Psalm 46:10.
If you are unwilling to listen to God in one area (of your life), you'll be unable to hear from God in other areas.  People think they can't hear from God, but in reality there are a lot of things they already know God wants them to respond to, but haven't done so. The more quickly you do whatever it is the Lord tells you to do, the more quickly He reveals the next step you are to take.
Hearing from God must be developed by practice - especially if you're a talker!  That's why God says, Be still and know that I am God.  Our flesh is full of energy and always wants to be active doing something, so it can be difficult for us to be still.  Don't just talk to God when you want or need something; spend time with God- listening!  God will open up many issues if you'll just be still and listen. You say, "But I don't think I've ever heard God talk to me!" Could it be that you haven't learned to listen?  When you ask God for something, it's time to tune your 'receiver'.  Even if the Lord doesn't respond at that moment, He will in due time. You may be doing some ordinary task when He decides to speak to you.  But if you've honoured Him by listening as part of your fellowship with Him, He'll speak to you at exactly the right time.
Perhaps you've wasted many years going your own way.  It's not too late to go in a new direction. If you are sincerely willing to obey the Lord, He will guide you on an exciting journey of learning to hear from Him every day of your life.
The excerpt above comes from Bob and Debby Gass and Ruth Gass Halliday, and is “The Word For Today” for Thursday August 30, 2007. The publisher is Rhema Broadcasting Group Incorporated.  Permission is granted for this useage.



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