Here at TTG Lutheran we offer a range of opportunities for our community to be involved.  We believe in allowing everyone the opportunity to use their gifts in serving our community in whatever area they are passionate about. Below are some of these opportunities.


Our worship services stand at the centre of the life of our community.  This is where God meets us and feeds our spiritual life.  It's where God comes to us and where God serves us.  The Bible says we were made to worship God and it encourages us to worship God in all we do.  Our corporate worship services are the opportunity for us as a community to come together in praise and worship.

Our worship services provide a regular opportunity to be ministered to by God, to be assured of God's forgiveness and to praise God in music and prayer.

They also present the opportunity for people with appropriate gifts and passion to use their gifts in the worship service.
  • Music - There are various opportunities to become involved in aspects of our music ministry at TTG Lutheran.  This includes playing the organ, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, or any other musical instruement for that matter.  Or singing in one of our worship bands.

  • Worship Host - For those who enjoy welcoming or greeting people or being an usher.  From greeting people in the car park and foyer, to helping guests feel welcome and comfortable in our worship environment.

  • Readers - For those with a good reading voice.  Readers are involved reading the Bible reading during worship services and in other dramatic readings from time to time.

  • Tech Crew - The Tech Crew is responsible for the smooth running of the technical side of the worship service.  The three main areas of involvement are working on the sound desk which includes lighting, the computer for PowerPoint and the video camera.