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The following is the list of people who hold elected position of leadership in our Congregation.
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NameTitle Team
NameTitle Team
Carey Noack Public Officer  
Carey Noack Seal Holder  
Howard Havelberg Seal Holder  
Carey Noack Chairperson of Congregation Admin Support Team 
Vacant Finance Officer Admin Support Team 
Vacant Secretary  Admin Support Team 
Damien NItschke Vice Chairperson of Congregation  Admin Support Team 
Vacant Care & Share Coordinator Leadership Team 
Tanya Williams Child and Family Ministry Leadership Team 
Vacant Congregational Life Coordinator Leadership Team 
Diane Kleinig Discipleship Coordinator Leadership Team 
Selina Wilksch Mission Coordinator Leadership Team 
Lynne Schmidt Prayer Coordinators Leadership Team 
Anne Flynn & Jenny Kraft Worship Coordinators Leadership Team 
Tanya Dahlenburg Leader of Pastoral Assistant Pastoral Team 
David Kraft Pastoral Assistant Pastoral Team 
Adrian Dahlenburg Pastoral Assistant Pastoral Team 
Mike Flynn Pastoral Assistant Pastoral Team 
Ruth Geer Pastoral Assistant Pastoral Team 
Paul Verrall Pastoral Assistant Pastoral Team 
David Kraft Pastoral Care Pastoral Team 
Showing 21 items